Automatic filing

With ELOoffice, your paper documents and digital data are stored in the ELO repository in an instant, all at the click of a button thanks to a wide range of options for automatic filing.

Stay on top of things

ELOoffice lets you keep your business documents under control, for example in our template repository structure. Keep an overview of your data at all times.

Secure and reliable

ELOoffice allows you to archive your documents in line with legal requirements. Thanks to the option to store your files in long-term formats, you can ensure your data will remain available in the long run.

Work as usual

Work in your familiar environment with ELOoffice: Create documents in Microsoft Office and store them in your ELO repository – it’s easy.

Access documents on the go

Use your smartphone to easily capture paper documents and transfer them to your ELO repository. Access your files at any time while out of the office.

Work together

ELOoffice facilitates collaboration within your company, allowing colleagues to work together on documents and making sure everyone is always up-to-date.


A wide range of useful functions make your day-to-day work with ELOoffice a breeze. The software is intuitive, enabling you to work faster in familiar structures.


Since introducing the ELOoffice document management system (DMS) at Carls Legal Services, all paper documents have been scanned and processed electronically. The goal is to ensure fast access to all archived files, as well as a transparent overview of all file processes.

Stefanie Carls, Carls Legal Services

Fischer-Ladenbau-Service uses ELOoffice to archive and manage all its documents, benefiting from quick searches and reduced volumes of paper.

Gustav Fischer, Fischer-Ladenbau-Service


A document management system (DMS) such as ELOoffice helps you to manage and organize paper documents, digital documents, and e-mails at one central location. With a DMS, you can find important information faster, giving you better insight into your business.

In addition, a document management system provides the ideal basis enabling you to file your documents in compliance with law. Growing legal requirements make DMS a must.

ELOoffice - DMS


ELO product logos

ELOoffice gives you access to four repositories allowing you to manage up to 200,000 documents each. But what if your requirements change? All you have to do is switch from ELOoffice to ELOprofessional or ELOenterprise – it's that easy!