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The most important questions concerning the demo archive

Is it possible to transfer data from the trial version into the full version of ELOoffice? If yes, how?
Answer: Yes it is possible; you can completely import your data. You just need the original DVD as well as the appropriate serial number. Install the full version using the existing trial version (select the same paths as the ELOoffice trial version); please note to deny the questions if you want to overwrite the existing data/files. The query „Install the demo archive“ should also be denied if you already worked with the demo archive of the ELOoffice trial version and you already requires these data.Is it possible to rename the demo archive?
Answer: NO, you cannot. Instead of renaming the archive, you can export the archive content, create a new archive (with the desired archive name) and import the previously exported data. Please read before the Import / Export information in the PDF manual.

How do I know if I have really installed the ELOoffice full version?
Answer: under the menu “Help – About ELO”, you find the serial number of your installation, which can be compared with the serial number on your original license certificate.

The demo archive is limited to 200 documents per archive. I reached the limit. Although I already deleted some documents, the info message „Caution: The limit of documents has been reached”. What can I do?
Answer: An archive which has been created with a trial version, can only handle max. 200 documents. If this limitation is reached, you cannot add further documents. Nor does this change the deletion of documents.

Error messages appear during installation, the setup cancels.
Answer: Please read the FAQs which are useful for both, trial version and full version. If your problem is not described there, please write an e-mail to our support team support@elo.com . Do not forget to include the trial serial number, the exact error message (screenshot) and an explicit error description.

I would like to uninstall the trial version but the process fails.
Answer: Uninstalling fails for reasons of incomplete installation or the user has not enough Windows user rights. Experienced Windows user (as far as you are unsure, do not try!) can uninstall the trial version as follows (please note the order):

– Uninstall macros under Start, Programs, ELOoffice, ELOoffice Tools, Uninst ELO Macros
– Delete ELO Tiff and PDF printer (Start – Settings – Printers and Faxes)
– Delete ELO installation directory (such as C:\program files\elooffice)
If the file Eloshl.dll is locked by the system and cannot be deleted, rename the file, restart your computer and try to delete the file again.
– Delete all registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\ELO Digital\ELO32.2
If ELOoffice is used only, then the complete key “ELO Digital” can be deleted.
– Delete registry entries under
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\ELO Digital\ELO32.2
If ELOoffice is used only, then the complete key “ELO Digital” can be deleted.
– Delete registry entry (if available) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\ELOArchive
– Delete registry entry (if available) HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shellex\ContextMenuHandlers\ELO Archive Transfer
– Delete registry entries for removing software:
– Delete registry entries using GUID key, under ELOoffice Unistall
– Delete folder programs\Installshield Installation Information\
– Delete Desktop shortcut to ELOoffice
– Remove program group ELOoffice
– Delete ELOoffice shortcut using Explorer under SentTo directory
– Delete ODBC entries (User DSN and/or system DSN) ELO32o_*
and EloFT_*


Datum: 9. Juli 2010
Kategorien: Häufige Support-Anfragen