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Moving an archive to a new PC or network drive

Over the course of time, you will probably reach the point where you switch to a new PC or wish to move your archive to an external drive.
The first steps are the same as for the data backup and restore. You must first backup the ArchivData and Postbox directories and move them to the new PC or drive.
When the files are transferred, though, their paths on the Windows file system may change.
To enable ELOoffice to access your archive, you need to perform a few changes to the ELOoffice configuration and the document path.

First open the ELOoffice configuration window:


Go to the „General“ tab and find the „System directory:“ field. After installation, if you have not made any changes to the path, the standard path is entered here:
C:\ProgramData\ELO Digital Office\ELOoffice\ArchivData\


You now need to change the path so that it points to the new storage location of your ArchivData folder on the Windows file system or the network.

Next, open the ELOoffice configuration and go to the „Mailbox“ tab. Here you will see the „Mailbox directory“ field, which also contains the standard path if you did not enter another path during installation:
C:\ProgramData\ELO Digital Office\ELOoffice\Postbox\


Now change the path to the new storage location of your Mailbox folder on the Windows file system or the network.

Lastly, the document path needs to be adjusted. To do so, click the ELO menu > System settings > Document paths.


Select the „Basic“ path and click „Edit“ on the right-hand side.


The window to „Edit document path“ appears, where you can now adjust the access path:


The access path points to the ArchivData folder on the Windows file system and to the child folders of your archive within it. This is important when managing multiple archives on the same system, allowing ELOoffice to only find the documents belonging to each corresponding archive.
By default, therefore the access path for the „Demo“ archive reads as follows:
C:\ProgramData\ELO Digital Office\ELOoffice\ArchivData\Demo\

After all changes to the configuration and the document path have been performed, close ELOoffice completely (including the logon screen).

Now change the names of the ArchivData and Mailbox directories in their old storage location and log on to your archive or archives. If you use multiple archives, it is necessary to set up the document path for each of them (as described above). As long as it is possible to access the documents and a current backup exists, you can now delete the renamed directories from their old storage location.


Datum: 11. November 2013
Kategorien: Häufige Support-Anfragen