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Microsoft-Office-2007-Documents will be displayed in their own window

Suddenly and without personal intervention, your computer displays where the Microsoft Office 2007 is installed, the Microsoft-Office-Documents, they are in their own window instead of being located in ELOoffice 7/8.0. What has happened? How can we correct this?

This problem setting has had us very busy in the last days. The answers are the following: The cause of the problem could be due to an automatic update on the side of Microsoft Office. These are set by the registration entries in the standard settings, which we have already adapted. These entries concern the displaying of Microsoft Office files in the Internet-Explorer.

One remedy is available here in Downloadbereich von ELOoffice 7.0 the REG-file, after downloading, must be executed only once (you will need at least the local administration rights) and the registry to be corrected, the document should now again be located in the Internet-Explorer within the ELOoffice 7.0 display.


Datum: 8. Oktober 2010
Kategorien: Ältere Versionen