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… and what about Windows 7?

Windows 7 had hardly been officially released when we increasingly began getting questions like this. As a matter of fact: ELOoffice 8.0 has not only been approved to be run on Windows 7, but has even received the „Windows 7“ logo from Microsoft. That means that Microsoft itself has certified that ELOoffice 8.0 is compatible with Windows 7.

The is of course also true for our new version ELOoffice 9.0!

All other versions of ELOoffice (up to and including version 7.0) have not been approved for use with Windows 7 – which means that, for example, ELOoffice 7.0 may very well run fine on Windows 7, but support will not be available in case of a problem.

With versions up to ELOoffice 5.0 you will need a full version of ELOoffice 8.0, whereas with ELOoffice 6.0 and 7.0, all you need is to install the appropriate update for ELOoffice 8.0 (your old version of ELOoffice does NOT need to be installed under Windows 7 to do that). Of course, be sure to afterwards install the current patches for ELOoffice 8.0 from its download area. You can find general information to the topic of updates  in this blog entry (updating to version 8 or 9) and in this one (new computer).


Datum: 22. März 2011
Kategorien: Ältere Versionen